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The idea of starting to work with stock photos began in 2020. At that time, images were created using a camera and then edited in programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! We provide step-by-step guidance, so no prior experience is required.

Can I really earn passive income with $30 investment for MidJourney subscription?

Yes, all you need is $30 to start and  gradually build your income.

How soon can I start making money with this course?

You can start immediately after completing my course.

What if I have a full-time job?

This side hustle is perfect for working professionals looking to diversify their income.

Is it suitable for international participants?

Yes, anyone can benefit from this course and enjoy the benefits of getting paid in USD$.

This Side Hustle Course is suitable for all generations and does not require any prior knowledge.

Through this comprehensive course, you will learn how to use Midjourney, an innovative AI tool, to transform your textual descriptions into stunning digital images.


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You can create digital photos to sell on the adobestock.com website with my guidance.

You can design digital art that you can print on canvas and sell, donate the proceeds, keep for yourself, invest, organize exhibitions, inspire others whatever comes to your mind.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience, this course is tailored to help you make the most of Midjourney AI.

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